• This retirement planning tool will test your long-term vision by prompting you to rate a series of statements that deal with time and goals.

    Are you ready to find out what your long-term vision says about you?

    How does this work?

  • Statement 1

    I tend to worry about the future.

  • Statement 2

    I tend to lose track of time.

  • Statement 3

    I enjoy dreaming about the future.

  • Statement 4

    I will procrastinate unpleasant tasks.

  • Statement 5

    I live in the "here and now."

  • Statement 6

    I am willing to pay more for the best.

  • Statement 7

    I live well below my means.

  • Statement 8

    I know I should save more of my income.

  • Statement 9

    My lifestyle in retirement should be superior to today.

  • Statement 10

    I hope to support family or give to charity.